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Planetary Gearbox

What Is a Planetary Gearbox?

A planetary gearbox is a type of gear system that is commonly used in various industrial applications. It consists of a central sun gear, planetary gears that rotate around the sun gear, and an outer ring gear that meshes with the planetary gears. The planetary gears are mounted on a carrier and rotate on their own axes as they revolve around the sun gear.

Planetary gearboxes are highly efficient and can achieve high gear ratios in a compact and lightweight design. They are used in a variety of applications where high torque and precise speed control are required, such as in wind turbines, robotics, and industrial machinery. Planetary gearboxes can also be used to reduce the speed of a motor while increasing torque output, which is useful in many mechanical systems.

Planetary Gearbox
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Where Can Planetary Gear Systems Be Utilized?

Planetary gears are commonly employed when weight and space are the issues, but they require a significant reduction in torque is needed. This is applicable to a wide range of industries, like construction equipment and tractors, which require a large amount of torque to drive wheels. Some other locations where you can discover planetary gear sets are the turbo engine, automated transmissions, and even screwdrivers that are electric.

A planetary gearing system can generate huge amounts of torque since it is supported by several planetary gears. This arrangement also results in greater contact surfaces and more contact areas within the gears than traditional gear systems with parallel axes. This means that it distributes the burden more effectively, and consequently, the gears are less susceptible to being damaged.

Planetary Gearboxes for Sale

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Our company specializes in designing and manufacturing a series of high precision planetary gearboxes to meet the stringent requirements of different industries for high-precision transmission solutions. Our product line covers a variety of application areas such as track drive, slewing drive, winch drive and wheel drive. Each model has been carefully designed and rigorously tested to ensure excellent stability and durability under various extreme working conditions. Particularly worth mentioning is our high precision planetary gearbox, which is often also called zero backlash planetary gearbox or servo motor planetary gearbox. This gearbox is known for its ultra-high transmission accuracy and zero backlash error. It is specially designed for the field of precision motion control, such as robot joints, semiconductor equipment, medical equipment and high-end CNC machine tools.

How Planetary Gearboxes Work

Planetary gearboxes consist of several components that work together to provide efficient power transmission and precise speed control. The main components of a planetary gearbox include the sun gear, planetary gears, carrier, and ring gear.

Here’s how planetary gearboxes work:

  • The sun gear is located at the center of the gearbox and is typically driven by a motor or another power source.
  • The planetary gears are mounted on a carrier and rotate around the sun gear. The carrier is typically fixed to a shaft that delivers power to the output of the gearbox.
  • The ring gear meshes with the planetary gears and is typically fixed to the gearbox housing.
  • When the sun gear rotates, it causes the planetary gears to rotate around it, while also rotating on their own axes. This rotation of the planetary gears causes the carrier to rotate as well.
  • By changing the relative position of the planetary gears and the sun gear, different gear ratios can be achieved, allowing for precise speed control.
  • The output shaft is connected to the carrier and rotates at a speed that is determined by the gear ratio of the planetary gearbox.
Planetary Gearbox

Main Features of Planetary Gearbox

the main features of planetary gearboxes make them a versatile and reliable choice for a wide range of industrial applications where high torque, precise control, and efficiency are important.

Central sun gear

A planetary gearbox has a central sun gear, which is the input gear that is driven by a motor or another power source.

Planetary gears

The planetary gears rotate around the sun gear and are mounted on a carrier, which is typically connected to the output shaft.


The carrier holds the planetary gears in place and rotates around the sun gear, delivering power to the output shaft.

Ring gear

The ring gear meshes with the planetary gears and is typically fixed to the gearbox housing.

Benefits of Planetary Gearboxes

The shafts for the input and output shaft are coaxially connected.

The load is spread over many planetary gears.

By combining multiple planetary stages it is possible to achieve nearly endless gear ratios.

High efficiency comes when you have low power for rolling.

Given their size, these provide decent performance for their size.

They can be used in an extremely wide array of applications.

Applications of Planetary Gearboxes

Planetary gears are typically employed when space and weight are at a minimum, however, higher torque and speed reduction are needed. This standard is applicable to many industries, such as tractors and construction equipment that need large-duty wheels that have high torque levels. Other applications of the planetary gear system include electric screwdrivers and automated transmissions, as well as turbine engines.

A planetary gearing system can generate plenty of torque as the load is distributed over several planet gears. In turn, the weight is evenly distributed, which increases the life that the gear. Furthermore, this design provides greater contact surfaces and an increased area of contact between the gears as opposed to a parallel axis system. The applications for planetary gearboxes are:




Planetary and high torque bevel helical and motor gearboxes are designed for a wide variety of applications: such as cooling towers, extruders, mixers, air preheaters and pulpers. Our products ensure optimum performance in the harshest environments, adapting to all possible operations and stresses



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With our gearboxes and motor gearboxes (bevel gearboxes, high torque bevel gearboxes, rotary planetary gearboxes, high torque parallel and long center distance shaft mount gearboxes, parallel and shaft mount gearboxes) we can provide our Our customers provide the most complete solutions throughout the lifting industry, considering various loading and handling capabilities of overhead cranes and winches.



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We supply this growing market segment with our gearboxes and motor gearboxes (universal and double worm gearboxes, but also torque limiters, planetary gearboxes, rotary planetary gearboxes, in-line gearboxes, parallel gearboxes and shaft long center distance gearbox). These ensure optimum performance for key industry applications: wind and water turbines, pellet heating and solar trackers.

Mining Technologies

Mining Technologies

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