Series N3: 3 Stage Planetary Gearbox

Output speed 0.425‐445 r/min
Ratio range 39.71-456.44
Input power 0.25‐55KW
Mounting position all positions
Mounting dimensions Standard /custom
Reduction ratio i >3
Permit torque range ≤ 540000N. M

Series N3: 3-Stage Planetary Gearbox

Our team’s 3-stage gearboxes for planetary applications (N3 series) are available in many low-speed shaft designs, including the cylindrical shaft fitted with a key or spline shaft hollow shaft that has a shrink disc or splined shaft.

Each three-stage planetary gearbox features an output bearing with a large capacity. This is why all of our 3-stage planetary gearboxes have high capacities in radial and axial dimensions. Additionally, they are resistant to the effects of overturning and increase the reliability of gearboxes and their efficiency.

To be a high-quality producer of planetary gearboxes; the tooth profiles of our planetary gearboxes 3 stages are precisely crafted for quiet noise operation.

If you require feet, flanges, or mount solutions we’ll make them to meet your requirements. Also, each part of the gearbox is subject to a rigorous quality control process prior to shipment.

Through the Planetary Gear Calculator, you can select from a range of outputs for speed and torque. The 3-stage planetary gearboxes we offer are designed to be modular and easily customizable.

Additionally, the 3-stage planetary gearbox comes with extremely stable and sturdy support. This guarantees high torsional stiffness for every gearbox.

The Key Features

  • Modular design, combined according to the client’s requirements
  • Heavy bearings, designed for heavy-duty use
  • Long-lasting, hardened gearing with high reliability
  • Low-speed shaft design
How To Select Exact Planetary Gearbox Model  : 
Key Technical Parameter :
1, Driving Power:  HP / kW
2, Ratio :
3: Output Torque:    N.m
Torque range 1000 … 540000 Nm Input IEC Flange
Mechanical rating (n1 = 1500 min-1) up to 200kW Electric motor
Gear ratios 39.71-456.44 Solid input shaft with or without fan cooling – inch or metric dims.
Gear unit versions Applicable AC motors Integral motors and brake motors
Right angle (with bevel gear set) IEC-normalized motors and brake motors
Mounting type Foot Single and dual-speed motors
Flange mounted Main brake features DC and AC supply
Torque-arm Faster brake reaction through an electronically controlled rectifier
Output shaft options Solid shaft Main motor options Thermistors and thermostat sensors
Splined shaft Independent forced cooling
Female splined shaft Line driver and push-pull incremental encoder
Hollow shaft with shrink disc


N series planetary gearbox torque sheet with models

Gear unit size 200 201 240 241 280 281 353/354 355 400 401
Normal output torque
1500 2000 3500 4000 4300 7300 13000 16000 20000 23000
Gear unit size 428 429 445 446 510 542 543 695 810 885
Normal output torque
26000 30000 32000 43000 63000 75000 100000 150000 300000 420000