Series N5: 5 Stage Planetary Gearbox

Output speed 0.425‐445 r/min
Ratio range 543.27-6110.81
Input power 0.25‐200 KW
Mounting position B5,V1,V3,B51 …
Mounting dimensions Standard /Custom
Reduction ratio i >3
Permit torque range ≤ 540000N. M

Series N5: 5-Stage Planetary Gearbox

Our planetary gearbox with five stages (N5 series) is a precision and top-quality motion control device that meets ISO 9001:2008 as well as CE standards. You can pick from our extensive selection of N-series gearboxes that are suitable for your industrial applications.

Our inline five-stage planetary gearboxes can be purchased in both a gender-neutral and female version. Their flexibility is the reason behind their versatility and their adaptability is their flexibility. Every planetary gearbox is built to withstand heavy both axial and radial loads on the shaft that is used for output.

We are, in fact, the sole supplier of planetary gearboxes in-line that have modular designs. This allows us to create customized designs that meet all of our client’s needs.

In addition, by using strong and strong bearings, we’re in a position to achieve the effectiveness of planetary gearboxes and to be able to create a proportional distribution of torque. In addition, every five-stage planetary gearbox is made of steel to guarantee reliability and a longer lifespan.

With a range of torques and output speeds, We’ll assist you in choosing the right design to maximize your performance. There’s no need to be a part of the cumbersome procedure of making use of a planetary gear calculator.


Key Features

  • Modular design, adapted to the customer’s requirements
  • Heavy bearings, Designed for heavy-duty use
  • Gearing that is hardened, long-lasting with high reliability
  • Models and ratios of the series with a wide range of models and ratios
  • Low-speed shaft design
  • Nodular iron housing, high durability, and impact resistance.




Torque range 1000 … 540000 Nm Input IEC Flange
Mechanical rating (n1 = 1500 min-1) up to 200kW Electric motor
Gear ratios 543.27 … 6110.81 Solid input shaft with or without fan cooling – inch or metric dims.
Gear unit versions Applicable AC motors Integral motors and brake motors
Right angle (with bevel gear set) IEC-normalized motors and brake motors
Mounting type Foot Single and dual-speed motors
Flange mounted Main brake features DC and AC supply
Torque-arm Faster brake reaction through an electronically controlled rectifier
Output shaft options Solid shaft Main motor options Thermistors and thermostat sensors
Splined shaft Independent forced cooling
Female splined shaft Line driver and push-pull incremental encoder
Hollow shaft with shrink disc

N series planetary gearbox torque sheet with models

Gear unit size 200 201 240 241 280 281 353/354 355 400 401
Normal output torque
1500 2000 3500 4000 4300 7300 13000 16000 20000 23000
Gear unit size 428 429 445 446 510 542 543 695 810 885
Normal output torque
26000 30000 32000 43000 63000 75000 100000 150000 300000 420000