China factory Rotary Cutters Gearboxes – Replacement of Omni Code RC-130 with Great quality

Rotary Cutters Gearboxes – Replacement of Omni Code RC-130

Model: EPT-RC130

The RC-130 uses 6″ Diameter, 3.175 DP (pitch) gearing for maximum tooth shock loads and a wide diameter shaft extension tube for higher side loading and impact resistance. Oil channels cored into the casting feed oil to the lower output bearings while an easy access drain plug and dip stick allow for quick maintenence. The RC-130’s top inspection cover provides easy access to internal parts for servicing and assembly. Omni’s hidden blade hub nut is protected from impact and breakage and the output oil seal labyrinth design with 4 barriers protects from wrappage failures.

Power: 47 – 104 hp
35 – 78 kW

RC-130 Series

Torque 7,117 – 19,950 lb.-in.
(803 – 2,252 Nm.)
Ratios 1.21:1, 1:1, 1:1.21, 1:1.46, 1:1.92
Gear Type Bevel
Seal Type Triple Lip Spring Loaded
Bearing Type Tapered Roller
Oil Capacity 60 oz.
(1.8 L)
Weight 109 lbs.
(49.9 kg.)


Finishing Mowers, Rotary Cutters, Rotary Slashers

Replaces OEM gearboxes on 5′, 6′ and 7′ rotary cutters by these manufacturers: Comer, Omni, Bush Hog, John deree and others. Please check measurements for proper fitment.